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Welcome to Tindle’s Dance & Drama – Classes for Adults and Children

We are committed to developing your full potential through Dance

We are located in Croydon, Hilton and Melbourne – offering a variety of dance classes to children and adults of all ages and abilities, taught by a team of passionate, experienced and dedicated dance professionals (all DBS checked).

We have very limited availability of places; we recommend you choose your location and Book your trial class today.

R.A.D Ballet

Many little girls dream of being a Ballerina in a beautiful Tutu – the grace and elegance of the ballet belie the core strength and stamina required to make something so demanding look so easy! We also encourage the boys to attend and although they (initially) will be in the classes with the girls, they have their own, stronger versions of the exercises and have to jump much higher!

We start with a Pre-School Class that is Ballet in Disguise – with “good Toes” and “naughty toes” we go on adventures and find treasure, we sing and we even do a bit of tap dancing.

Students start R.A.D. examinations at Pre-Primary and Primary Levels and then into eight Graded and Six vocational Graded Levels and a Discovering Repertoire syllabus for senior students.

The Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities, outlining a progressive structure for learning and achievement in dance.

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The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is one of the world’s leading dance examinations boards. From Ballet to Ballroom, they cover the full spectrum of genres and since 1904 they have provided training for dance teachers and examiners and developed new techniques.

Tap (ISTD)

Tap has evolved as an American dance form, popularised throughout the world, with debate about its origins coming from African Dance, Irish dance and or clog dancing. The dancer uses their feet to strike the floor, beating out different rhythms, with dancers wearing tap shoes which have small metal plates on the toe and heel to give the distinctive sound. Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on stage in musicals.

We introduce Tap in our Pre-school classes and continue through grades Pre-Primary to grade 6 then Vocational Grades Intermediate to Advanced 2.

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Modern (ISTD)

Modern dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before travelling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. This is a highly energetic dance style.

We introduce Modern at Primary level and then Grades 1 to 6 and then Vocational Grades intermediate to Advanced 2.

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Performance Class

Students already attending technical grade classes are welcome to attend a Performance Class. In this class group, dance routines are taught and rehearsed to a high standard. Children then have the opportunity to perform these dances at fetes and events such as “Chance to Dance” at Alton Towers and also in Disneyland. Once a month we have a guest teacher, often an industry professional come along to our Senior Performance Class.

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Street Dance

Street dance is a dance style that evolved outside dance studios in any available open space such as on the streets, dance parties, block parties, parks, school yards, raves, and nightclubs. These dances are a part of the vernacular culture of the geographical area that they come from. Examples of street dance include breakdancing which originated in New York City. Street is a freestyle, which incorporates other styles such as Hip-Hop, Breakdance and House.

Street Dance classes will introduce you to these core street styles, put them into practice with exciting choreography, and help you learn to improvise with confidence.

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Silver Swans®

Specially designed for older learners, classes will help improve your mobility, posture, coordination and energy levels. Most importantly, you’ll have fun and enjoy the sense of well being the dance brings!

Silver Swans® classes have been specifically designed for the over-55s, but whatever your age, if you are looking for a new way to keep fit and active, our ballet classes will put a spring in your step. Whether you’ve never danced before or want to get back into the swing of it, Silver Swans® classes have something for everyone.

The RAD developed this programme based on research into dance practice for the older learners and has Angela Rippon as an ambassador.

Classes are taught by Silver Swans® licensed teachers.

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Adult Tap

If you enjoy dancing and like a giggle, then come along and join in our Adult Tap. A weekly pay-as-you-go Tap dance class where the emphasis is on fun, fitness and learning in a sociable environment. Suitable for all levels and ages, from complete beginner to advanced, we put together routines that engage the brain, get you moving and have lots of fun.

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 Tindle’s Dance & Drama
Our classes are open to everyone
All beginners welcome!

Our classes range from General to Advanced Level.

If you or your child have never been to a dance class before and you’re nervous about taking the plunge, our classes are perfectly designed for you and our Team is there to offer you expert instruction and encouragement.

Through our classes, you’ll gain physical confidence, boost your self-esteem and increase fitness levels.